Oil and Energy Industries Development company (OEID), is a private company and a subsidiary of OIEC Group was formally established on February 19th, 2002 as a joint stock company.
Our major background of expertise is within upstream activities pertaining the energy production, including oil & gas fields exploration and development and renewable energy projects.
The Company’s core area of activities are within Oil & Gas Reservoir Management, Exploitation Engineering, Production Engineering, Master Development Plan (MDP) preparation, Process Engineering, Drilling and Operations Engineering, Conceptual and Basic Design Engineering, Basic Design Survey and Feasibility Study, Procurement Engineering, and Performing Upstream & Downstream Projects.
Utilizing all acquired experiences from implementing awarded projects thorough specialized scrutiny enables OEID to prepare procedures for successfully implementing projects based on the latest international standards and in a wide range of theoretical analysis and executive activities by assistance of engineering, technical, drilling, and procurement managements of this Company.
During about a century of oil producing, most of upstream activities have been held by National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). OEID was established following Oil Ministry’s strategy to develop upstream activities and perform related projects by private sector of this company involving Seismic Services, Geophysics, Geology, Petrophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling, Process Engineering, and Petroleum Economics.
This company benefits a group of well-known and professional managers and specialists who have high level of experience in oil & gas industries.
Presently, OEID is and advanced, quality and result-oriented company providing its services to both national and international clients.
OEID has also concluded a number of contracts with other powerful and reputable international companies in order to take advantage of their knowledge & experience in executing some of the most challenging projects.
OEID as an advanced company with its good reputation in quality and outcome and by benefiting from its experiences and application of the latest technologies in oil field development has executed some of the most important projects in upstream fields, where the development of the 16 fields is one of them.
Since OEID establishment, remarkable studies & activities have been done by this Company and OEID is ready to participate in all activities pertaining upstream projects according to the most competent international standards.
Our mission, being based on customer satisfaction and business excellence, aims at domestic and international growth through forming partnerships using shared resource management. Our commitment is to support the Iranian energy industries in their development, and to participate in achieving their goals whilst creating a safer work place and stronger environmental awareness.


Extent management, development and intellectual exploitation of natural resources to comprise the best practices and international standards with the view of stable development.




Full field studies (such as: geological, petrophysical, reservoir, geophysical, regional and laboratory studies), research, exploration, development and exploitation of hydrocarbon resources and renewable energies, projects concerning associated and unassociated gas gathering, transmission and production enhancement projects.



The two uppermost goals of OEID are innovation and technology. These great assets are vital in relationships with our customers and we are proud of it.

EOR/IOR of oil fields through integrated and comprehensive studies.

Focusing full attention on training and assembling a group of devoted and educated human resource with high experience and efficiency.

Promoting the beneficial and educational capabilities through partner ship with reputable domestic and international companies.

Promoting the competitive capabilities as an important strategy.

Achieving newer opportunities.


Presenting project management services

Enterprise project management solutions

Comprehensive reservoir studies, EOR/IOR oil field studies and preparing integrated field development plans

Regional geological studies and evaluation

Seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation management

Log interpretation and evaluations

Oil and gas reservoir management, determination of reservoir rock/fluid characteristics, reservoir simulating

Drilling management, well design programs, drilling programs and well work over program / design preparation

Field production management, well completion design, and product optimization

Preparation of conceptual design and basic engineering studies, process simulation and economical analysis as well as feasibility studies


Over 8 years of professional and successful experience
Capable of undertaking projects from conceptual design through engineering, construction and final commissioning
Extensive experience as Managing Contractor (MC) and General Contractor (GC)
Executing more than 20 important projects in upstream fields
More than 270 qualified staff

Oil and Energy Industries Development Company (OEID) by having convenient facilitates and professional staffs, performs the following services in oil and gas projects

Fulfillment of project concerning feasibility, economical and HSE studies

Fulfillment of project concerning conceptual design and preparation of MDP

Fulfillment of project concerning basic and detailed engineering

Fulfillment of project concerning Engineering, Procurement and Construction of equipments in oil and gas industries

Fulfillment of studies concerning reservoir engineering, seismic and data interpretation

Fulfillment of studies concerning drilling, drilling operations and well completion

Fulfillment of studies and operations concerning natural gas storage in underground reservoirs

Engineering, procurement and construction services of oil and gas well head facilities, oil production units, oil desalting plants, gas compression and injection units, NGL units, waste water treatment and injection of waste water to disposal wells



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